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How to activate converted subscription

Converted subscriptions were designed to introduce our clients who own activation codes to our latest releases of ManyCam 4.X for macOS and ManyCam 5.X for Windows, which accept subscriptions only. This option is free (no billing or extra charges of any kind) and does not affect your current license (your activation code will not be terminated).

Before you proceed:

  • ManyCam 6 cannot be activated with a converted subscription. With converted subscriptions, you will be able to activate ManyCam 5.8 for Windows and ManyCam 4.6 for macOS only.
  • This guide applies to ManyCam 5.8 for Windows and ManyCam 4.6 for macOS. Both versions can be found on this page.
  • This guide applies to converted subscriptions only. If you have a regular subscription, please refer to this article.
  • Have an activation code? Learn how to get a converted subscription.
  • Converted Subscriptions are accepted by ManyCam 5.8 for Windows and ManyCam 4.6 for macOS only. ManyCam 6 does not accept converted subscriptions.

Please follow the quick steps below to get your ManyCam Subscription activated:

  1. Download and install ManyCam 5.8 for Windows and/or ManyCam 4.6 for macOS from this page.
  2. Open ManyCam Account settings page:
    On Windows, navigate to ManyCam menu -> Settings.
    On macOS, navigate to ManyCam menu bar -> Account.
  3. Log in with the account you used for the purchase to activate your ManyCam Subscription.
  4. Navigate to Subscriptions page and make sure your Subscription is enabled.
    (ManyCam menu -> Preferences/Settings -> Subscriptions)
  5. Press “Continue” and you’re all set!

Update notifications can be disabled in ManyCam’s settings. To do so, go to ManyCam menu -> Settings -> General and disable the setting Notify me about new ManyCam versions.


Activation Codes are no longer used to activate your ManyCam Subscription. 

Updated on April 17, 2019

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