ManyCam menu

ManyCam menu from the right click on the ManyCam tray icon (for Windows) or on the top left corner of the screen (for Mac) opens the following options:

Hide/Show ManyCam – minimize the ManyCam window to tray.

Full Screen Broadcast – allows you to see your live output video in a separate full-screen window. For example, you can drag this window to another monitor and use it with a projector.

RTMP – opens ManyCam RTMP Settings window.

How-to videos – opens ManyCam Help page with the videos.

Account (Mac)/Login (Windows) – opens your Account and Subscription settings.

Settings/Preferences – opens the ManyCam Settings window.

Help – opens the ManyCam Help page on the website.

About – shows the ManyCam version, copyright information and a shortcut to the site.

Exit – closes the application.

Updated on December 27, 2017

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