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Why convert my license (activation code) into a subscription?

  • latest versions of ManyCam accept Subscriptions only (this includes ManyCam 4.6 for macOS, ManyCam 5.8 for Windows),
  • converting your license into a subscription is free of charge (no extra payment is required),
  • converted subscriptions are lifetime, i.e. they will never expire,
  • converted subscriptions are 100% free, i.e. they are not billed,
  • your original license (activation code) will not be terminated, meaning you can still use your activation code to activate older versions of ManyCam anytime,
  • subscriptions are cross-platform (i.e. any subscription can be used under both Windows and macOS),
  • you can now share your subscriptions through your ManyCam account and take them back in one click; no need to share activation codes anymore.
Important notice:

  • converted subscriptions are accepted by ManyCam 5.8 for Windows, ManyCam 4.6 for macOS only; ManyCam 6 and further releases will not accept converted subscriptions,
  • only activation codes for ManyCam 5 (Win) or ManyCam 4 (Mac) can be converted into a Subscription.

Learn how to convert your activation code in three easy steps.

Updated on February 20, 2018

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