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How to create your own ManyCam Effects


You can create your own custom webcam effects on our website. You will need an image source file and a few seconds of your time.

Source files for ManyCam effects must be of .png, or .jpg formats. Most of the common graphics editors (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) can create images of these formats.

GIF, APNG and video files

Animated effects cannot be created by users, therefore GIF, APNG images and video files cannot be used as source files to create effects.

How to create your own ManyCam effect:

  • Pick or create a .png, or .jpg file;
  • Go to the effects section on our website;
  • Upload you effect image using the file upload form on the left. To do so, press the Browse button to select the source file or drag and drop your image directly into the file upload window;
  • Select Category and Sub-category for your effect. Fill the “Effect name” field and press the Download button to use your effect instantly;
  • Once the download is complete, double-click on the effect file to add it to your Effects tab in ManyCam. The new effect will be added to the chosen category (you will find your effect in the category you’ve selected in the previous step).

Your effect is now available in ManyCam and ready to be used. Click on your new effect to use it, just like any other ManyCam effect.

You can also check out our catalog of free downloadable effects here!


Can I create my own animated effects? No, there is no such option at the moment.

Can I synchronize effects to my account? No, in order to open and apply an effect in ManyCam, it must be always stored on your machine locally.

Do you offer any free or paid service to create animated effects? No, animated effects can be downloaded from our Effects Catalog only. There are no other options at the moment.

Can I apply distortion to a layer? No, distortion effects apply to a whole preset.

Unsupported effects. Some effects are designed for ManyCam for Windows, some are only for Mac. Some effects are simply too old, but they used to be popular several years ago. In the new versions of ManyCam some old effects are no longer supported, however, we don’t remove them from the website since some of our users still use older licenses of ManyCam.

Updated on August 23, 2022

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