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Installing and Updating ManyCam

To download or update ManyCam, please go to download.manycam.com (or click Download in the Menu above) and click Download Now.

Then, follow the steps below:


This process is the same for Windows and Mac.

It’s also the same process if you’re updating to the latest version, just download and install and you’ll be up to date with all the new stuff that each update has!

Older versions of ManyCam

Older versions of ManyCam are also available on our website. In case you have an older type of license (the one with an activation code) you might want to download ManyCam 5.7.2 or an archive version — ManyCam 4.1. Both can be found on this page. However, there is a better option available — you can now convert your code into a free lifetime subscription without actually losing your code. This option is free, learn more here


Updated on November 23, 2018

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