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Learn how to use ManyCam features during classroom

Videos about ManyCam features. See the topics and the description for each video for more information.

Introduction to ManyCam for ESL Teachers

From a VIPKid teacher.


  • Chroma key / Green screen at 0:25
  • Lower third at 6:30
  • Draw function at 6:54
  • Effects for reward at 12:16

ManyCam Tricks

From an iTutorGroup teacher.


  • Video speed at 0:20
  • Adding your name at 1:30
  • Changing background at 2:00
  • Using effects for rewards at 2:44
  • Adding effects in your library at 4:30
  • Projecting ManyCam into a session room at 8:11

ManyCam Beginner’s Guide for Teaching Online

From a DaDaABC teacher.


  • Video at 0:44
  • Picture and picture at 3:17
  • Draw at 6:20
  • Chroma key at 8:17
  • Effects at 9:00
  • Games at 14:15

7 Ways I Use ManyCam

From a DadaABC teacher.


  • Making my picture brighter at 0:38
  • Playing ESL music videos at 3:10
  • Using Digital Flashcards at 5:48
  • Using the drawing tool for rewards or doodles at 8:48
  • Streaming from iPad to a custom area on desktop screen at 13:08
  • Making my own objects using the ManyCam object maker at 17:56
  • Displaying company logo on camera screen at 20:37

How I use the video feeds and effects to show a secondary reward system for kids!

From a VIPKid teacher.


  • Video feed at 3:16
  • Effects at 5:27
  • Reward at 8:30
  • Adding effect in favorite at 10:45
  • Draw at 12:12
  • Downloading and save effects at 13:07

Multiple video outputs

From a VIPKID teacher.

Learn how to use multiple video outputs. Use more than one screen with ManyCam layers.

Voice filters

From a VIPKID teacher.

This video will help you be a pro at using audio filters while teaching VIPKID using ManyCam.

Time tab

From a VIPKID teacher.

A video focusing on incorporating the timer tab into your VIPKID classroom.

ManyCam How-to + Pros/Cons

From a VIPKid teacher.

This video was made by a not tech-y person for a not tech-y person who wants to do tech-y stuff.


  • Download ManyCam at 2:30
  • Subscription at 5:15
  • Presets at 7:40
  • Video settings at 6:34
  • Special effects at 8:25
  • Draw at 14:58
  • Organize folder
  • Use and sync ManyCam to a VIPKID camera in the classroom at 16:33

Fun with ManyCam: Spring Time Rewards and Border

Rewards system created by a DadaABC teacher.

7 Rewards I commonly use in my 51Talk classes using ManyCam

From a 51Talk teacher.

Some rewards ideas for students when using ManyCam.

ManyCam features used during a DaDaABC class

From a DaDaABC teacher.


  • Intro slide with google slide and using a mobile device at 0:20
  • YouTube video integration at 0:45
  • Slide presentation as extension activities at 1:30
Updated on May 31, 2019

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