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ManyCam for macOS crash troubleshooting

ManyCam macOS crash troubleshooting guidelines

In case ManyCam freezes or crashes try the following procedure:

1. Uninstall ManyCam as shown here.
2. Restart your Mac.
3. Install this version of ManyCam.
4. If this doesn’t solve the crash, navigate to ManyCam Settings -> General and try switching between the Hardware Acceleration options, including disabling the feature (ManyCam restart required).

5. Additionally, try changing the buffer size (Single, Double, Triple options next to Hardware Acceleration).

6. Make sure Force driver output is enabled.

7. Try selecting other options under Use Video Device (if avaialble):

Report the crash to our Support Team

If none of the above helped, please report the crash to our Support Team. To do so, please first collect the following information:

1. macOS System Report. A system report contains information about your Mac’s hardware.

To create a system report, please choose About This Mac from the Apple menu at the top left of your screen.

Then click More Info. This will open the System Information app.

Now click on the System Report button, then choose Save from the File menu and save the file to your desktop.

2. Crash report. Here are the instructions on how to retrieve it:
1. Reproduce the crash.
2. Run Applications -> Utilities ->
3. Click on the “User Reports” tab on the left (on macOS Catalina, the tab’s called “Crash reports“)
4. Find the latest report on the list (ManyCam_2021-  …  .crash)
5. Copy the text of the report and save it in a text file.

3. ManyCam log files. The log files are stored in the Library folder, which is hidden by default. You can enable full path in Finder by checking View -> Show Path Bar. The full path should be something like this:

/Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Visicom Media/ManyCam/Logs

How to retrieve the log files from ManyCam:

1. Start ManyCam and reproduce the issue,
2. Close ManyCam: ManyCam menu -> Quit ManyCam.
3. Navigate to the following location:
~/Library/Application Support/Visicom Media/ManyCam/Logs
Collect all the files from this location.

Once all files are retrieved, send them to our Support Team in a zipped archive.

Updated on April 29, 2021

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