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Shortcuts, hotkeys


This article applies to ManyCam for Windows ver. 6.0.2 and ManyCam for macOS ver. 6.2.0 or higher. Download the latest version from our official website by clicking Download Now.

ManyCam keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform certain actions quicker and easier without moving your cursor. Hotkeys settings are located in the ManyCam Settings menu under the Hotkeys tab.

By default, all the shortcuts are only active when ManyCam is engaged, i.e. all the shortcuts are local by default. However, you can make any given shortcut or all shortcuts work system-wide by enabling the “Global” or “Set all to Global” options respectively in the Hotkeys settings.

Some shortcuts are predefined and can be edited by the user, other shortcuts are empty by default and will become active once the user assigns a keyboard combination to them.

Updated on October 9, 2020

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