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ManyCam Main Live window

The Main Live window is the largest window which shows the live streams. Also you can use up to twelve video presets allowing you to modify your video the  way you want. The Main Live window shows the output picture with all of the currently chosen effects.

You can use a switcher to make a snapshot or a video clip. Choose “Record” icon and click this button to take a snapshot.

Choose “Snapshot” icon and click this button to make a video clip.

Your snapshots and videos are saved in the Gallery Tab. There you have 2 albums “My snapshots” and “My recordings”.

ON AIR – this indicator notifies you whether ManyCam is used by any application at the moment. If some application is using ManyCam video, this indicator becomes red. You can view the list of all apps using ManyCam  by clicking the ON AIR button; Here you can also pause and resume video streaming.

By clicking on the Main Live window or on a preset window you can choose the output image: your web camera, IP cameras, your desktop areas, media files, YouTube videos, camera of your mobile or some blank images.

Updated on May 24, 2017

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