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How to upgrade a ManyCam subscription

If you already own an active paid ManyCam subscription, you can upgrade it to a higher subscription plan from the by paying the difference between the current and the new subscription plan prices.

In order to check upgrade options available to you, please contact us via this form here: Sales Inquiry


  • Downgrading is not supported at this time. However, you can downgrade by canceling the subscription, and then resubscribing with a new subscription plan.
  • This guide does not apply to Converted subscriptions (the older type of ManyCam licenses) – refer to this guide to upgrade a Converted subscription.
  • This guide applies to ManyCam subscriptions only. To upgrade older ManyCam licenses that use activation codes (ManyCam 5 for Windows, ManyCam 4 for macOS), please refer to this guide.

Updated on November 3, 2022

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