All about green screen

Videos featuring ManyCam green screen feature, how to remove your real background and replace it with an image.

Introduction to green screen

From a VIPKid teacher.

This video shows how to set up Chroma key and get you on your way to amazing Green Screen fun in your classrooms.

How to set iTutorGroup background using the green screen

From an iTutorGroup teacher.

How to setup iTutorGroup background by using the chroma key feature.

Step by Step Tutorial for Green Screen with ManyCam

From an iTutorGroup teacher.

Using a green screen to teach online sounds daunting, but you can do this! Check it out.

Greenscreen Chromakey ManyCam Teaching on the cheap

From a VIPKid teacher.

How to set up and light a greenscreen background using Manycam, inexpensive lights, and a solid green cloth

Updated on May 31, 2019

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