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ManyCam Lite Tutorial

Here is a detailed walkthrough for you to learn all the basics about ManyCam Lite. We’ll go through how ManyCam Lite can add many more video tools to your conferences calls, virtual training, webinars, onboarding sessions, one-on-one video calls and more.


0:00 ManyCam Lite – All You Need To Know
0:14 Introduction
0:19 ManyCam Lite vs. ManyCam
0:45 Connect ManyCam Lite to Any App
1:20 Quick overview
1:54 Multiple Video Sources
2:36 Layers (Picture-in-picture)
4:36 Remote Control
5:24 Virtual Backgrounds
7:16 Draw & Text
7:59 Live Streaming
9:22 Titles
9:58 Recording

Updated on March 21, 2022

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