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The reasons teachers love ManyCam

Teachers explain how ManyCam makes a difference in their classrooms.

What the heck is ManyCam? VIPKID

Teacher Jon explains in this video why you will not turn back after using ManyCam.

ManyCam and GOGOKID Interview with Teacher Karen

Teacher Karen explains why she is hooked with ManyCam.

Creating stories for classroom using ManyCam

From a DaDaABC teacher.

Teacher Sally enlightens the classroom by combining great imagination and ManyCam.

VIPKID: Using ManyCam and Props!

Teacher Erika shows her love of ManyCam with the props and the huge bank of ready-made props.

How I use ManyCam in my VIPKID classroom?

Teacher Carla gives an idea of what things you can do using ManyCam.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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