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ManyCam mobile app troubleshooting

Follow this guide if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Your devices don’t receive connection requests.
  • Your devices fail to establish the connection.
  • ManyCam is unable to save photos and recordings.
  • The audio feed is not being transmitted.
  • “Connection failed. Access denied.”.
  • “Connection failed. No remote device or expired channel.”.
  • “Connection closed by remote device”.

Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Log out from your ManyCam account on all devices, both mobile and desktop.
  2. Delete all devices you see on this list.
  3. Make sure ManyCam is up-to-date on all devices, both mobile and desktop. Visit our website and AppStore/Google Play to check that you have the latest versions installed. The reinstallation of ManyCam for desktop is highly recommended (no need to uninstall, simply download the latest version from our website and install it over the existing version).
  4. Make sure ManyCam has all the required permissions (this includes access to camera, microphone, storage, etc). If not sure how to check permissions, reinstall the mobile app and re-grant the permissions when prompted.
  5. Sign in to your ManyCam account on all devices and try connecting again.
Updated on October 6, 2020

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