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ManyCam Devices & Video sources


This guide applies to the latest release of ManyCam only. Please download the latest update from our official website before you proceed.

Devices and activations

Each ManyCam subscription limits the number of devices (Windows, macOS desktop) that can be activated concurrently.

macOS: In individual subscriptions (Standard, Studio, Premium), one device applies to one user of the operating system (individual subscriptions can’t be shared between users or ManyCam accounts). Multiple activations per user and subscription sharing are available in Enterprise and Education plans only.

Windows: ManyCam subscription is now device-based and acts globally across all OS users and ManyCam apps. Activate multiple editions (desktop, Lite) and instances of ManyCam for Windows simultaneously with a single device activation on a single machine, even if they are installed under multiple OS users.

What if I reach the activation limit?

You can deactivate any device anytime and transfer your activation to a new device (e.g. deactivate your laptop to transfer your Standard subscription to your home computer and vice versa). Also, activations can be recovered and reset in your ManyCam account on our website.

Will I get all future versions and updates of ManyCam for free?


This does not apply to Converted subscriptions.

ManyCam Lifetime subscription plans. Any paid ManyCam 7 Lifetime subscription allows you to upgrade the ManyCam 7 software for free whenever a newer version of ManyCam 7 is released, i.e. with ManyCam 7 Lifetime, you will get lifetime access to all future versions and updates of the ManyCam 7 application for free, which includes access to the paid ManyCam 7 features available in your subscription plan (Standard, Studio, Premium, Enterprise, Education). ManyCam 7 Lifetime subscription plans are a one-time payment, no renewal or other fees included.

ManyCam Annual subscription plans. You’ll be getting all future versions and updates of the ManyCam application for free as long as your paid subscription is active. Once your subscription expires or gets canceled, you’ll lose access to the paid ManyCam features.

What are video sources?

Video sources are ManyCam video presets located under the Main Live Window that can be used to create prearranged scenes containing various multimedia materials, effects, video settings, etc. You can prepare several presets and switch between them during your live event using various transition effects. Each plan allows a certain number of such presets.

What about mobile devices?

In addition to desktop activations included in a ManyCam subscription plan, each subscribed ManyCam account provides 10 mobile device activations (can be used on Android and iOS devices only) that unlock paid ManyCam Pro features. These mobile device activations can be used to unlock paid features on 10 mobile devices simultaneously. A mobile device activation, once used, won’t expire and will take effect as long as your subscription is active and unless you manually deactivate it by logging out of your ManyCam account on a particular device.

Updated on June 8, 2022

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