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Draw & Text Tool

With this tool, you can add your text over the video stream and draw over your video. To access the feature, select the Draw & Text tab as shown below.


Flip the switch as shown below to activate the feature.

Among the drawing tools available are a pencil, fill, stamps, shapes, or eraser.

You can choose any color for your drawings and change pen thickness, saturation, and transparency.

Another way to access the feature is by activating it from the Desktop capture menu. To do so, right-click on the ManyCam Main Live Window and select Desktop > Draw on desktop from the list of video sources.

Text over video

In the text widget, type the text you would like to be shown in the field of the Text Tab and tick the switch to start showing it live. The text will be instantly displayed over the Main Live window.

You can apply various settings to the text and place it anywhere you like in the video window. You can choose horizontal and vertical scrolling of the text, set the speed of scrolling, and change your text appearance: font color, style, size and effects, background color, and opacity. You can drag and drop the text around your video window to choose the place where it will be shown.

Updated on November 26, 2020

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